There’s an eight things meme circulating about that I’ve done many times before, but here at ExPointOh there’s a whole new audience to reach, and Ben Martin tagged me. So here are eight things you don’t know about me.

1. I’m most well-known on the blogosphere as a contributing editor for the Episcopal Cafe. That crowd knows me as Gallycat.

2. I’m also semifamous as a retired lounge DJ and music critic from Philadelphia. Those folks know me as either deviathan or helcat.

3. I love karaoke.

4. My favorite Northern Virginia hangout is the Bilbo Baggins restaurant in old town Alexandria. I’m there more often than I should be, considering I live 70 miles away from it.

5. I have a 15-year-old son who’s living with his dad these days. We stay in touch through Facebook.

6. I used to play in a band at Mary Washington College. We won Battle of the Bands in 1989, party because we dressed up in country/western gear and then blew the crowd away with an awesome cover of “Just Like Heaven” by the Cure. I played keyboards.

7. It took me 16 years to earn my bachelor’s degree. I’m hoping my MPA program will go much more smoothly.

8. I’m a knitter. Actually, I’m a knitster. I took about ten months off because of a repetitive stress injury in my neck, but I’m back to it these days.

OK, that’s me, but I don’t really know 8 people in this blogspace yet so I’ll have to tag elsewhere, like in Facebook. But since I don’t know you, you can send me a link to your 8 things if you’ve done it already, or otherwise consider yourself tagged!